Your chance to star in a real mainstream Nollywood Movie

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For the first time in the UK, here comes an opportunity to act in a mainstream Nollywood movie. The movie will be shot both in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, set to premiere in both countries.

The competition is open to anyone of African origin based in the UK or in Nigeria with or without acting experience. There are 7 parts available for those in the UK. 3 Male and 4 female roles.

The date for upcoming auditions will be confirmed and announced in March 2014. Registration will incur a one off fee of £50 payable online or at the audition venue.

Nollywood Star Search 2014.

Nollywood Auditions UK

  • 1st Round of Auditions

    After applying online, you will be invited to the live 1st round audition.

  • 2nd Round of Auditions

    If successful in the 1st Round, you will be invited to the 2nd round where you will be acting out a scene from the movie. You would have been emailed the script weeks before then.

  • 3rd Round

    The best 2 for each role will be invited to a makeshift film to act out their roles.

  • Final Selection and commencement of production

    The final cast are announced and production will commence after 4 weeks.

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